Litigation and Mediation

As a firm of Solicitors we rely on expert and diverse legal skills from all our different teams (as each team is involved in its own particular type of litigation) whilst resolving disputes for our clients. We also have the ability to provide generic civil litigation services which meets the need of corporate as well as individual clients.

We think outside the box and thus understand the commercial elements and viewpoints of our client’s and hence we always ask the question “what outcome does the client want”? We are experienced in securing a cost effective resolution to disputes. We represent claimants and defendants and will negotiate on your behalf, issue or respond to proceedings and represent you in the courts if the need arises.

Our expert Litigation Solicitors will work closely with you, providing straightforward, legal advice and guide you through every aspect of your Civil Dispute Lawsuit.

We are very proactive in mediation and litigation and try very hard to look at the issues from both sides so that a balanced and precise evaluation of a case is achieved. It is our goal to keep our clients fully informed at all times during the resolution process. We aim to provide bespoke representation that will achieve expected results.

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